Our Company

There aren't enough mediums by which people can learn about important topics without fear or experience the comfort & joy that food can bring without shame. We use cookies to teach. We make cookies that seek justice, love kindness, and make the world better.

We want to help people to be BRAVE in their culinary experiences and to do GOOD with their lives.

So, every month we release a box set (or two) of FOUR cookies on an important theme. The names and flavors of the cookies in the box might be whimsy or funny or funky or heavy or as weird as our name (more about that in a moment). More importantly, the story of the cookie will teach you something. Maybe you'll learn about an unsung historical figure. Maybe you'll learn about a cherished regional dish. Maybe you'll learn that bacon belongs on cookies. You'll learn something.


Why Deez Cookies?

Well, for one, Dee is what our founder is called by her family & closest friends. We thought "Deez Cookies" was more fun than "Dee's Cookies" and "Khadija's Cookies" might be a tall order to pronounce for the uninitiated. We're a small company, but we hope to not be one forever.

Two, THESE. These cookies are really really delicious. 

Three, we were pretty sure you'd remember this name.

You're gonna love Deez Cookies.