Mr. Carver's Peanuts (1/2 pound)  (Pre-order for of November 6th)

Mr. Carver's Peanuts (1/2 pound) (Pre-order for of November 6th)

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We offered a cookie called Mr. Carver's Favorite in our Black History Month 2021 Box. A surprise hit, the cookie was our sweet potato dough with honey roasted spiced peanuts, an homage to George Washington Carver's innovation with both crops.

Honestly, the peanuts were so good that we had to make extra every single time (to account for the number we were "sampling" from the drying rack). They're sweet and spicy with a kick. Worthy of snacking or sharing. So, we're bringing them back. So that we, we mean you, can snack on them.

Oh! You will probably be excited to know that, though it is exceedingly hard to buy small quantities of raw peanuts from an exclusively Black owned farm, you can buy peanuts (AND PECANS) from an amazing EIGHTY year old multiracial Christian farming community in Georgia. Koinonia Farm has been doing the work of racial healing and sustainable farming since long before either concept was popular or celebrated. When we reached out to Black owned farms about purchasing for our small operation, they referred us to this community. We couldn't be more grateful.

Note: This product is gluten-sensitive.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Cane Sugar, Butter, Honey, Salt, Spices.